4 Effective Ways To Increase Sales Using Door Coupons

Small businesses could benefit more from door hangers as an effective marketing tool. Door hangers, unlike direct mail, are hung directly on customer doors and have a higher chance of being seen. For successful product/ service marketing, there are unique door hanger advertisement strategies. These 4 methods will help businesses to make the campaigns more successful.

Know when to distribute

When it comes to door hanger advertising, timing is everything. You don’t want to hand them out to your customers soon before a sale, or a special date, and you also don’t want to hand them out too late. Aim for five to seven days for a lead time when you use these advertisements for a sale. Keep in mind the holidays that are important to the products you offer, and use door hangers to promote them.

2. Make A great design

The effectiveness of a door hanger is largely determined by its layout. You want the design to attract people’s attention so it won’t be thrown away. To get the most out of your door hanger ads, use bright colors, big images, and, if possible, two-sided printing. If you choose to hang plastic bags on doors rather than using a plain hanger, use brightly colored bags that will stand out and, if possible, print an advertising message on the exterior of the bag to attract even more attention to the hanger.

3. Entice Your Customers

A door hanger must be appealing to the customer and must include a call to action in order to be successful. Advertise a sale or a unique new product, along with a short explanation of how it would help the customer. Limit the time left on the sale to give them a reason to act. Encourage people even more by promising a special discount if they carry in the door hanger coupon. Door Coupons will also entice new customers that have been shopping at your competitor. It’s a proven fact that consumers will break routine shopping patterns to take advantage of a good coupon offer. Door Coupons will have the effect of expanding or increasing your market area. We know that consumers will travel far to redeem a valuable coupon.

4. Advertising Reinforcement

Using door hangers to reinforce an advertisement message is another successful advertising strategy. The door hanger can be used as a reminder mechanism to reinforce your upcoming sale or event in your customer’s minds. Any advertising message you are using should be reinforced simply and effectively on your door hanger advertisements.

Door Coupons have gained remarkable acceptance and popularity among astute marketing managers because they “pull in the business.” The widespread acceptance and use of door coupons by the general public is a clear reason for their acceptance by marketers.

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