4 Ways to Enhance Your Brand’s Content through Social Media Story Telling

Attractive social media content of your brand influences customers by increasing brand awareness, reach and getting new followers. The story of your brand should be portrayed in a way that it will be remembered by customers.

Building a unique brand story on social media involves telling it through different social media platforms. It can be a challenge, though, to figure out the best way to translate the brand story in a way that visually captures the attention of your customers.

1. Understand Your Audience

Understanding your audience and having clarity about it is an extremely crucial step. Imagine you are watching a movie / series on Netflix. You will only watch it if you can relate to it or if you like that genre. You won’t watch all the movies and series on Netflix, the same applies with social media content.

Well, your audience is the same as you. They only choose to see the content that hits them. Not anything and everything is watched and loved by everyone. So it is extremely important to understand your audience, their interests, age group, nationality etc. Broadly speaking, various individuals will be part of your audience; however, they will have some primary similarities, and these are those attributes you want to hone on.

2. Identifying Stories To Tell Them

Storytelling is always a social phenomenon because a narrator and listener are involved. However, in social media, the roles of the narrator and the listener are unclear because both the brand owner and consumers can play either the role of a narrator or that of a listener, which results in an interactive co-creation driven by the participants.

Stories must be interesting. To begin with, think more about creation of the brand, what motivated you to develop the business and what your personal goal is. But most of all, when doing so, think about what the viewer wants.

3. Be Authentic & Use Content From Your Community

Storytelling for brands should not be entirely fictional. Your audience should be able to relate to the brand. This will help in building a strong connection and trust towards the brand.  To become relatable to your audience, use your personal experience or incidents that’s happening around you. Listeners perceive authenticity, and they will reject the story and the teller if they do not feel it.

Stories are rapidly evolving and spontaneous iterations are focused on internet memes, modern culture and events. You want to fulfill needs, respond to questions, engage on an emotional level, connect, find your voice and listen to voices in the intersection of brand and audience. And the ways you have developed solutions and a value proposition is all about stories.

4. Selecting The Most Effective Medium & Creating Good Content

Aesthetics plays a major role. No matter how great you content is, if it’s not visually attractive then it will not capture the attention of your audience.

With the advancement of digital media and social media, there are multiple platforms through which you can create and share incredible content that convey emotion, authenticity and immediacy in a short period of time. A few popular social media tools are Instagram Stories, Snapchat stories and even TikTok. Each of these platforms help in producing real-time videos that last only for a short period of time giving a sneak peak.

Another medium to keep your content engaging is through videos and motion graphics. These tools can evoke strong emotion in a short period of time if used well!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get the GAME GOING!

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