5 Benefits of SMS Marketing in Today’s Age

Company that are utilizing SMS marketing effectively are taking their businesses
to the next level. Despite the importance and high success rate of SMS
marketing, many firms overlook its effectiveness. SMS marketing has seen a
major increase in popularity as a result of the pandemic.
Yes. Smartphones certainly introduce a new types of messaging service every
now and then, but the biggest advantage of SMS is that it does not require an
internet connection.
According to one of the most recent comprehensive surveys, nearly 60% of
SMS messages received a response within the first 15 minutes. It was also
reported that messages are also preferred by 9 out of 10 people as a means of
staying updated about business communication. According to Deloitte’s
research, 8% of the global population has proceeded to a shop to buy a product
after receiving promotional offers on their phone. The target audience responds
to communications in 29% of cases, and 47% of those who respond go on to
make a purchase.
Businesses can use SMS marketing to communicate with their customers and
reach out to new target markets. The numerous advantages of SMS marketing
make it the preferred method of communication for all businesses.

  • Builds Loyal Customers: SMS marketing is an excellent way of engaging and
    retaining customers. When you feel the need, provide your consumers
    promotions and information about your company. By keeping your
    customers / clients at the center of your business, you may make them feel
    valued. The more you give, the more you will receive in return.

  • High Conversion Rate: Text messages are almost immediately read. In fact,
    the majority are read in less than 5 seconds, and 90% are read in less than
    three minutes. The response rate for SMS texts is 45 percent (email has just 8
    percent ). But, more interestingly, these texts generate substantially more
    interaction than traditional marketing techniques.

  • Wide Reach:

  • Instant Delivery: SMS marketing helps you to communicate with a big
    number of individuals at once. Text messaging is a powerful marketing tool
    that gets your message to the right people at the right time. Customers
    always have their phones with them, making it simple to communicate with

  • Straight to the Point: When sending a text message, you are limited to 160
    characters, which guarantees that your message is clean and precise. It’s
    critical to get right to the point; providing customers exactly what they need
    to know and making it easy to read will help both the customer and your

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