Best 5 Digital Marketing Campaigns of 2021

‘Marketing’ – even though we are familiar with this word, its
practice surpasses the very definition of the word. No brand or
company has perfected the art of marketing yet, but hundreds,
if not thousands of good examples of brands, make the most of
their marketing efforts with the help of fresh, innovative and
creative campaigns. Reviewing the year’s best digital marketing
campaigns from established brands can generate ideas for your
own efforts.

Here is a list of the top 5 outstanding digital marketing
campaigns from 2021. The campaigns are mostly tied to
Covid-19, working remotely, the presidential election, and
social injustice.

Dove: #PassTheCrown

Dove co-created the CROWN Coalition (along with the
National Urban League, Color Of Change, and Western Center
of Law & Poverty) to end race-based hair discrimination. Through the #PassTheCrown campaign, the CROWN coalition
has successfully worked to pass legislation in the U.S. House of
Representatives, as well as seven states.

Starbucks: #WhatsYourName

Starbucks #WhatsYourName campaign celebrates the act of
taking a customer’s name, writing it on a cup, and calling it out
— and the significance that act can have for transgender and
gender diverse people as they use their new name in public.
The campaign was inspired by real-life experiences of people
who were transitioning. As part of the #WhatsYourName
campaign, the “Moving Portraits” spots shared stories of how
people chose their new names. Starbucks also partnered with
the charity Mermaids to raise money for transgender support
services through the sale of a special edition Mermaid cookie in
its stores.

Nissan’s “Fans” Marketing Campaign

Takes Traditional Art And Puts It Into Modern Perspective Through Life Saving Feature
Nissan designed its innovative high-beam assistant technology
to save lives on roads. Japan is a country fueled by tradition –
also famous for its hand-painted depictions of everyday life on
women’s fans. Agency TBWA put these two together for a series
of memorable print ads. There is a modern twist to these Japanese fan illustrations: although done in ancient ukiyoe painting style, they show
decidedly contemporary scenes: a man on a Segway, a woman
with a travelling suitcase, a boy with a soccer ball, another one
on a skateboard and a woman pushing a stroller.
The agency considered the car manufacturer’s origins, creating
a link between their nation’s tradition and life-saving
technology in a series of visually engaging ads.

Chanel No5’s Creative Ad Campaign

Recreates Iconic Poster For Mother’s Day Chanel’s ad for their iconic perfume No 5 is just as instantly recognizable as the product itself. Certain variations of this
advertisement exist in various forms, but this year’s Mother’s
Day ad is both emotionally impactful as it is humorous.
The ad depicts the legendary Chanel No five bottle – as drawn
by a child’s hand. The simple drawing is accompanied by a
message of “Happy Mother’s Day”. The clever design of this ad suggests – to mothers of the world – that they should treat themselves for all the hard work they’ve done parenting. And what better way to convince them than through a delightfully messy child’s drawing?

Amnesty International’s “Pain-Tings”

Creative Ad Campaign
Recreates Iconic Art To Help Victims Of Domestic Violence.
In a stand against domestic violence and against violence
towards women in general, Miami Ad School has created a
print ad campaign for Amnesty International by using famous

On International Women’s Day, March 8th 2020, Amnesty
International has replaced some of the most iconic works of art
in the world’s most famous museums with the versions of these
same paintings – but with bruises and wounds on women’s
faces and bodies.

The paintings come with cards that inform women how to ask
for help if they find themselves in these tragic situations.
Using shock factor and art’s educational value to make an
important point, the organization engages in a global
conversation about the burning issue of violence against women by putting memorable images in a new, disturbing

Apart from these campaigns there were many other campaigns
that were really fascinating!

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