Why Social Media Sponsored Ads Need to Be Part of Your Advertising Strategy

Every digital marketer’s campaign should include a social media component. Creating accounts, posting images/ videos, and connecting with followers doesn’t hold the same weight it used to. The social media marketing game has transformed as a result of ever-changing algorithms.

Unlike organic social media posts, sponsored social media ads assure that your ad is seen by the people you want it to be seen by, resulting in more leads, website traffic, and sales. Paid social posts allow you to target a specific audience based on criteria such as gender, geography, age, and preferences. The good news is that sponsored social media promotion is affordable and feasible even for small businesses.

Traditional outbound advertising is significantly different from paid social media advertising. Big data and machine intelligence make it simple to locate, target, and communicate with your target audience. Each platform is tailored to help you achieve your company’s objectives, such as brand awareness, lead generation, and website traffic. 

You could also use the analytics to learn how to improve the effectiveness of your social media advertising campaign by analyzing the previous results and optimizing your campaign.

Organic content on social media platforms is often used for branding or building brand recognition, however studies show that Facebook users are only viewing 2% of organic pages they follow on their feed, according to HubSpot (2019). You may use your content to boost your brand with particular targeting and obtain more qualified leads with paid advertising because you are guaranteed to reach a defined demographic.

Here’s 5 benefits of paid advertising on social media:

  1. Organic reach on social media is down. Paid posts give you fast results. 
  2. Ads are very affordable and measurable
  3. Specific and granular targeting is available 
  4. Test and gain valuable audience insights.
  5. Broadcast your message across multiple platforms

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